TMT-HA600 1300W Hot-air Rework System – *Bestseller*

Thermaltronics TMT-2000S-P Soldering Program w/SHP-P 100-240VAC

This new TMT-2000S lies in Curie Temperature Technology hence responds to the thermal means of each solder shared by changing the power immediately, thereby conference the conditions of the substrate parts and you can solder issue.

Curie Heat Technology working from the 470KHz. Really compact, weighs in at simply step one.3KG. Zero calibration or agent education needed. No additional coil construction costs.

Thermaltronics try business leaders to own Hot-air Rework Assistance. New TMT-HA600 hot air device spends an enormous diaphragm pump and you may an effective high-power 1300W furnace, designed to work on more difficult programs, regarding removing and reflow out-of skin install elements. This new TMT-HA600 ‘s the Heat rework program of choice getting major mobile phone and you can laptop provider centers all over Australia because of its higher stamina 1300W furnace.

Prompt heating and you can temperatures recovery Effortless control allows effortless changes Uses HTN Series Hot air Nozzles Electronic monitor which have easy-to-to evolve temp and you may ventilation

TMT-PH200 IR Preheater 130mm x 130mm

The fresh new TMT-PH200 uses sensor handle viewpoints loop to control the brand new infrared preheater temperatures and that is right for leaded and you can lead-100 % free preheating processes.

Flux Remover – Routine Board Vacuum cleaner

Routine Panel Vacuum cleaner is a power bits vacuum and productive benchtop flux removal, that can washes mud, dampness, dirt, and you may rust, and you may rapidly cleans waxes, oils, and you can greases. It’s prompt drying out and you may appropriate for most rubbers and you can plastic materials.

Routine Panel Vacuum is safe for use on the PCBs, tape thoughts, optical and you will precision devices, vehicles, dies, bearings, sky tools, plus.

DEOX R70 Electric Guardian & Conductivity Enhancer

DEOX R70 Electrical Protector & Conductivity Booster is a highly complex, non-conductive electrical guardian, extremely effective in competitive surroundings and you can warm environments, as well as those who work in the newest industrial and you may aquatic marketplaces. It’s safe toward plastics, fittings, and you may PCBs, and provides sophisticated corrosion safeguards from the displacing water and sealing and you will improving the conductivity regarding electricity and you may electronic equipment and tools, changes, relationships, relays, coils, solenoids, cars and you will generators, junction packets, and telecommunication products, protecting surfaces in almost any standing, together with those which had in earlier times undergone water damage and mold.

R70 handles and you can improves through to software by the building an alternative, thin-film deposit away from VCIs that do not change or meddle on the electrical resistance otherwise magnetic characteristics regarding metal surfaces. In addition it dissolves corrosion to simply help for the restoration out of electrical conductivity, that will be an important protective spray for usage in fix and you will repair away from electronic portion.

Superior Anti-Static Bench Matting 600mm x 10M Blue

Okay’s Static Dissapative Matting Goes are manufactured from sturdy plastic matter and you may guaranteed not to ever disappear including less options. He’s versatile, long lasting, and right for fool around with because the a dissapative work surface table pad that’s conductive to the other side.

NC Desperate Rework Flux Solution 10cc Syringe

NC Insert Flux are a no brush tacky/rework flux readily available for general touch up or rework of posted circuit forums, and BGA rework and you can sphere attachment. NC Paste Flux are used for hands soldering, hot-air rework channels, convection reflow, otherwise vapor phase soldering. Soldering deposits none of them cleaning as they are obvious and inert. NC Insert Flux works with all tin-lead and you can direct-100 % free metals. NC Insert Flux are going to be distributed, brushed otherwise stencil printed. NC Insert Flux complies on IPC 7711-7721 fundamental

Point Water Flux FX16 Alcohol Based Zero Brush

Alcoholic beverages oriented water flux to have rework, otherwise design aim inside revolution soldering escort girl Newport News (sprinkle fluxer just) and you may best for choosy soldering computers. No Clean residues after temperatures Solids Articles – dos.7%

FX16 try an effective sprayable zero-brush flux which has been designed to provide exceptional soldering results having a general procedure screen, making limited, electrically safe flux residues – though unheated.

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